College Office

TPS College

The College Office is run by experienced and highly dedicated staff members and MIS team

The College Office is a spacious room with air-conditioning, consisting of work tables for the staff, enough cupboards and lockers accompanied by congenial ambience. The technology infrastructure in the College Office aids the staff in the effective discharge of their functions:

  • 1. Computers with high-end configuration and LCD monitors,with the latest version of Microsoft Office and Indian Language software are there for MIS team.
  • 2. Colour laserjet printer-copier-scanner-fax machines are there for rapid printing of colour and black prints.
  • 3. The admission process is completely computerized and thereby made transparent and fast.
  • 4. All documentation in office administration is computerized.
  • 5. The data in all computers are regularly backed up to a centralized double-level data backup system, so that any data loss due to technical disasters is hugely minimized.

The staff members serving in the College Office are

1 Sri Manoj Kumar Singh H.A.
2 Zaki Imam Routine Clerk
3 Sri Venkatesh Kumar Routine Clerk
4 Sri Kumar Amitabh H.A. (Accounts)
5 Sri Tumul Anand Routine Clerk
6 Sri Ambrish Kumar Routine Clerk
7 Sri Deepak Kumar Ranjan Routine Clerk
8 Sri Rakesh Yadav Routine Clerk
9 Sri Indradeo Prasad Store Keeper
10 Sri Ramashish Yadav Store Keeper
11 Miss Chhabi Kumari Routine Clerk
12 Sri Munna Kumar Routine Clerk
13 Sri Aman Patel Routine Clerk
14 Sri Shyam Babu Sharma Lab Boy
15 Sri Bhagwan Gope
16 Sri Bharat Paswan Lab Boy
17 Sri Avanit Kumar Bhushan
18 Sri Sunil Gupta
19 Sri Ramesh Kumar
20 Sri Monu Bahadur