Political Science


Visionary statement of the dept. of political science, T.P.S. college, PPU, Patna, embraces promotion of empowerment centric value based qualitative education.


Depth. of political science, TPS college, PPU Patna , is committed to overall development of 

the students who could finally prove themselves as contributory for the societal as well as 

national developments. 

Programmes Offered & Sanctioned Seats

# Course Seats
1 UG 150

Faculty Members

Usha Kiran (HOD)

Qualification: Ph.D. (Patna University)
Designation: Associate Professor
Email: suhakrn4@gmail.com
Area Of Research Interest/Specialization: Diplomatic & International Law, Administration

Usha Vidyarthi

Qualification: Ph.D. (Magadh University)
Designation: Associate Professor
Area Of Research Interest/Specialization: 

Nutan Kumari

Qualification: Ph.D. (Patna University)
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email: nutananshuman@gmail.com
Area Of Research Interest/Specialization: Human Rights, Women Issues, Indian Polity, International Relation

Shweta Sharma

Qualification: Ph.D. (University of Delhi)
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email: sharmashweta543@gmail.com
Area Of Research Interest/Specialization: Political theory, Indian Politics, IR


Programme Outcome