Educational institutes work in close partnership with their faculty members, local authorities, learners, and their parents or guardians. We see education as a powerful vehicle for personal and social change within a wider community, locally and globally. Our aim should be oriented to develop a community of learners that inspires and supports respective educators who share our core values. These are

• Equality

• Celebrating diversity

• Democratic participation

• Justice

• Human rights 

• Sustainability

• Inclusion and moral support


The mission of our department is to develop an ethos and a learning community that promote the following aspects -
• A shared understanding and engagement with our values between all those engaged in education
• The values, skills, knowledge, and understanding need to be an effective agent for good change
• A commitment to containing personal and professional development
• A respect for and commitment to individual potential
• Intellectual honesty
The Way Ahead
 We can transform our mission statement into reality by - 
• Honouring our commitment to our core values
• Developing critical and reflective thinking
• Developing an empowering and efficient system to support us
• Acknowledging and learning from mistakes
• Creative, innovative, inspirational teaching and learning
• Collaboration and partnership
• Encouraging risk taking and challenge
• Regularly reviewing and revisiting our policies and practices
• Encouraging and modelling sustainable work practises

Programmes Offered & Sanctioned Seats

# Course Seats
1 UG 186

Faculty Members

Debarati Ghosh (HOD)

Qualification: Ph.D. (The University of Burdwan)
Designation: Assistant Professor
Area Of Research Interest/Specialization: Non-linear Dynamics, Oscillation Suppression, Coupled Oscillators


Programme Outcome